How To Transform Your Kitchen On A Budget

How To Transform Your Kitchen On A Budget

For many of us, the kitchen is the heart of the home, and it is important that this area is welcoming, friendly, and an enjoyable place to relax. Upgrading your kitchen can seem like a costly endeavor, but there are tips and tricks you can try which can transform your kitchen, even of you find yourself on a tight budget. From painting existing units to grabbing a great bargain on a new door, there are plenty of options to allow you to upgrade your kitchen, without having to break the bank.


Focus On The Doors

Rather than worry about refitting the entire kitchen, why not just replace the cabinet doors? This is a fast and easy way to totally change the entire vibe of your space, and is a more cost effective solution – not to mention one which comes with less mess than a total refurbishment! Changing the doors is also ideal if you are happy with your layout, but want to upgrade the overall look.


All you need to ensure is that the bones are strong – if your cabinet carcasses are still in a good condition, you are in a great position to remove existing doors, and replace them with new examples. As a rule, the cabinet unit itself is less susceptible to wear and tear, as they are fixed in one place to the rule – it is the doors which are constantly being opened and closed, and which are facing the room. In a kitchen, this means that they are exposed to cooking, water and sunlight, and so can quickly begin to fade and look shabby.


As an added bonus, purchasing the doors alone is a far heaper option – if you are looking for cheap replacement kitchen doors, Kitchenin  is your online store!



When you choose your new cabinets, you will need to select your perfect new material, and each of the options on the market have their own pros and cons. Real wood options tend to be popular – materials such as pine, hardwood and oak are top quality, have a sleek, stylish finish, and tend to be hard-wearing. On the downside, they are typically more expensive. If you are on a budget, you can opt for vinyl wrap or MDF – these offer the pros of hardwood, but at a more affordable price.


The Overall Look

The cabinets you opt for will impact the overall look and vibe of your kitchen – shiny, high gloss doors will transform your space into a contemporary, ultra-modern kitchen, while a country style will add a real traditional vibe – perfect for emulating that farmhouse feel.


The Colour

As a general rule, darker colours make a space look smaller, and offer a strong, dramatic vibe, while lighter colours open up a room and give a sense of light and airiness. The colour you opt for will impact the overall mood of the space, so give this plenty of thought before you proceed to ensure that you get the room you want.